Monday, February 11, 2013

Flight To The Lonely Mountain - Tier One

The Flight to the Lonely Mountain raid is a survival type raid, where the goal is to survive incoming waves of enemies for ten minutes. This guide will focus on one particular method of completing this instance. While there are a variety of methods to go about completing this raid successfully, we will only focus on one. This guide is a work in progress, it is not meant to be and will never be the ultimate guide to this raid.

The Teams

Preferred raid composition:

Group 1 (Blender Team)

  1. Minstrel
  2. Captain
  3. Champion
  4. Champion
  5. Champion
  6. Champon

Group 2 (Tank Team)

  1. Guardian 
  2. Minstrel
  3. Lore Master
  4. Captain
  5. DPS
  6. DPS/Healer/Tank

The Mobs

There are different types of mobs in each wave, each with their own unique abilities:

Archers - Quite possibly the most dangerous mob in this instance. Archers will ignore all threat, including forced taunts, and they will target people at random. Archers hit very hard, they should be first kill priority.

Captains - Captains are the second most threatening target. They will receive a damage aura buff every time a nearby enemy dies, and drop huge green puddles on the floor that apply a HoT to their allies, it is important to move the enemies away from this puddle as soon as it is safe to do so. Target these second.

Warriors - Warriors have a frontal aoe damage ability that will do heavy damage to non-tanks. These mobs may apply a negative healing debuff on whoever they attack. These mobs get a stacking damage buff the longer they remain in battle.

Summoners - Summoners are rather weak and aside from summoning 2 pets (cats), they are the least threatening in tier 1. You may focus these last.

Kill order: Archers>Captains>Warriors>Summoners>Pets

There should be a total of 4 waves incoming on tier 1. The first wave is standing just beyond the river, it is a small wave and there are only one of each enemy.

The second wave will be much larger and it will have multiple mobs of the same type. There will usually be a total of 12 mobs: 4 Captains, 4 Archers, and 4 Warriors. Sometimes you will have summoners instead of archers, or instead of captains, etc etc. The third and fourth wave are exactly the same as the second wave, with varying types of mobs.

The Strategy

The tank/tanks will need to ensure they grab immediate aggro on everything as it spawns, while making sure to move away the enemies from any green puddles and face them away from the raid. Should any archers spawn, the entire raid, excluding the tanks, will need to run up and huddle around the archers and burn them down immediately.

The lore master will need to ensure they apply stun immunity on at least one tank, and both healers 100% of the time. They will also need to keep up wind lore on the archers as soon as they spawn, however, keeping stun immunity on the tank/tanks and healers is their number one priority.

If you manage to kill every wave quickly enough you will have a short while to rest and revive any dead members. It is important to prepare in between these breaks in order to maximize group efficiency. It is important to note that if someone is defeated, they must NOT retreat. Should anyone retreat at any time during the 10 minute battle, they will be unable to join battle again since they will be locked behind a gate.

Note the green puddle on this image, its radius is very large. All enemies should be moved away from this area since it makes it very difficult to take them down while they stand on it. The amount of health they regen while standing on the puddle is not great, but it is enough to make multiple enemies difficult to DPS down.

On this image you will clearly see the timer as it ticks up, you only need to survive for 10 minutes to win on tier 1. When you enter this instance you will get a UI element on your screen which will allow you to cleanse stun. Please note the positioning of the enemies in relation to the raid and to the tank. It is important to keep everything in this position to maximize block and parry events/mitigations, while facing them away from the raid in order to avoid your allies getting hit with frontal damage. If you are using the single tank strategy, there will be times when a couple of cats will wander off and focus on a healer; anyone with CC should make sure to use it on them.

More info to come at a later time.. :)

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