Monday, February 11, 2013

Battle for Erebor - Tier One

In this guide we will focus strictly on the tier one Inferno & Catapults mode. 

It is possible to do this particular mode with a variety of classes, however the most efficient way is to focus heavily on either Melee DPS, or Ranged/Tactical DPS.

Preferred raid set up:

Group 1

  1. Tank
  2. Healer
  3. Champion/Burglar 
  4. Champion/Burglar
  5. Champion/Burglar
  6. Captain - HoH

Group 2

  1. Tank
  2. Healer
  3. Lore Master (Will need to keep stun immunity on Healers/Tanks)
  4. Champion/Burglar
  5. Champion/Burglar
  6. Captain - HoH
All melee DPS can be switched with ranged/tactical DPS if that is prefered. However, it is important to note that if you go all out melee DPS you must first focus on Laugshat, and if you are going tactical/ranged DPS you must first focus on Vadok. The reason for this is explained below.

This battle is against a couple of trolls:

In order to pick your mode for this fight you will need to click on the following banners:


Everyone must make sure NOT to click on any other banner, as this will directly affect the terms of battle. It is important to note that the health of the trolls is linked. This means that the morale based triggers will activate when a combined amount damage has been dealt to both trolls.

Catapult Banner - When a combined total of 500k damage has been dealt to the trolls, the enemies on top of the battlefield will begin using their catapults. The ground will be marked by a glowing orange circle where a catapult will hit, and after two seconds, anyone who is standing in that spot will receive damage based off your maximum heath, (missing actual value) and be stunned for a short period of time. The perimeter of the area where the damage/stun take place is clearly visible in the following image:

Inferno Banner - This will make the battle arena burn, effectively applying a DOT on everyone that will damage you for 20% of your maximum health every 3 seconds (tactical damage). However, the inferno will not activate until a combined total of one million damage has been dealt to the trolls.

As you can see in the very first image of this post, the brothers will start off in the middle of the areana, and you can move all the way downstairs without triggering them. You will also notice the aura around them which will only activate when they are close to each other, so it is very important to split them apart as soon as you engage in battle, as they can quickly wipe a group from the increased damage alone.

Ignore the mobs that appear beside the trolls on thsi image, this was for a different challenge mode. This image simply illustrates the defense corruption the left troll will start off with.

In this image you can clearly see the tactical damage corruption, it is important that the melee DPS focus on this target first if you are heavy on melee DPS.

When you are ready to begin, the tanks will need to take their respective trolls apart from each other, but not so far that the groups split up. The trolls must only be split apart far enough so that their Brotherly Love aura goes away. 

If you are melee DPS heavy, the entire raid should focus on burning down Laugshat as quickly as possible. His tactical/ranged corruption will last roughly two minutes, so that is plenty of time to burn him down before he switches to his melee corruption. As soon as Laugshat is down, everyone can focus down Vadok. If you managed to take down Laugshat in roughly 2minutes, Vadok will switch to tactical/ranged corruption just as you are switching trolls, which is perfect for your melee DPS.

If you went all out tactical/ranged DPS group comp, you can follow the exact same strategy as on Laugshat, only you will first focus on Vadok.

More info to come on this raid as soon as I manage to get it. Please feel free to comment and let me know if any information provided here was incorrect :)

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