Monday, February 11, 2013

Battle for Erebor - Tier One

In this guide we will focus strictly on the tier one Inferno & Catapults mode. 

It is possible to do this particular mode with a variety of classes, however the most efficient way is to focus heavily on either Melee DPS, or Ranged/Tactical DPS.

Fires of Smaug - Tier One (Revised)

The following is a tier one, no challenge mode Fires of Smaug guide. This guide will address most mechanics in this instance. However, there are certain mechanics which I have been unable to confirm. These mechanics will be addressed once I have a full understanding of their workings. This guide is very much a work in progress.

Prefered raid setup:

Flight To The Lonely Mountain - Tier One

The Flight to the Lonely Mountain raid is a survival type raid, where the goal is to survive incoming waves of enemies for ten minutes. This guide will focus on one particular method of completing this instance. While there are a variety of methods to go about completing this raid successfully, we will only focus on one. This guide is a work in progress, it is not meant to be and will never be the ultimate guide to this raid.